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Graduation banquet celebrates the Class of 2024

Posted by Stephanie Rogers on May 28, 2024 in News
Distinguished graduates Alexe Indigo (left) and Madiya Patriquin (right) with Assistant Dean Students Dr. Nancy McLean
Distinguished graduates Alexe Indigo (left) and Madiya Patriquin (right) with Assistant Dean Students Dr. Nancy McLean

The Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture Graduation Banquet is an event as unique to campus as it is to its graduates.  

The Class of 2024 Graduation Banquet, organized by chair Grace Ashworth, honours the contributions of graduating students to student life and was held Monday evening, May 20th. The banquet, a highlight of graduation celebrations, provides an opportunity for members of the graduating class to be recognized with a variety of honours and awards including distinguished graduate awards.

Distinguished Graduate awards were presented to Alexe Indigo, Portugal Cove, Newfoundland and Madiya Patriquin, Oxford, Nova Scotia.  Distinguished Graduate awards are designed to express the Faculty’s acknowledgment and appreciation to graduating students, who have, through their time, energy, talent and leadership, enriched the campus community during their studies without neglecting academic pursuits. Recipients are recognized for contributions made through their involvement over time in multiple activities, including, but not limited to, student government, campus activities, community service, sport and recreation, internationalization, or other campus programs.

The Noel Enman Memorial Award, instituted in 1984, is presented annually to a technician or technology graduate whose personality and fellowship has contributed to student life and activities thereby gaining the respect of students and faculty. This award was presented to Joe Densmore, Brookfield, Nova Scotia.  

“Sharing a meal at the grad banquet is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on all that the graduands have accomplished, both in and out of classes, and to contemplate all that they will accomplish in the future,” said Dr. Nancy McLean, Assistant Dean, Students.

Every year, the Dalhousie Agricultural Students’ Association, along with the graduating class, selects a faculty or staff member to receive the Student Appreciation Award. The 2024 recipient was Dara Pelkey-Field, Senior Instructor in the Department of Animal Science and Aquaculture.

Dara Pelkey-Field creates a safe and welcoming learning environment for all students. In October, she became the main academic advisor for animal science, bioveterinary science, and pre-vet science students. Dara fit right into this role with her bubbly and outgoing personality. She encouraged students to engage with one another, share stories, and learn from each others’ experiences. Dara’s assessments were enjoyable and applicable to everyday life with horses.  

"Dara was the most welcoming, understanding, and approachable instructor throughout my four years at Dal AC. She provided a unique learning environment and always accommodated her schedule and lectures to whatever the students were interested in. She took us on field trips to several facilities, provided experiences caring for equines in the stable on campus, and taught her students in unique, fun, and exciting ways,” added student Alison Perry.  

Other awards presented include:

Dr. Gerry Friars Undergraduate Research Award - this award is presented to the student who is judged to have completed the best written research report as part of the fourth-year project requirements. The 2024 recipient was Andrea Gigolon, Truro, NS.

Klaus de Geus Memorial Award for Plant Science - in memory of the late Klaus de Geus, this prize is awarded to a technical graduate. Selection is based on high standing in course work. The 2024 recipient was Chelsea Robins, New Germany, NS.

Ketchum Manufacturing Company Limited Prize - presented for academic achievement by a student graduating from the Animal Science program. The 2024 recipient was Madiya Patriquin, Oxford, NS.

Canadian Society of Animal Science Undergraduate Student Award for Academic Excellence - presented to a student in Animal Science who demonstrates outstanding academic and leadership excellence. The 2024 recipient was Tyler Schaun-Schmidt, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Canadian Agricultural Economics Society Book Prize - presented to a graduating student from the Agricultural Business or Agricultural Economics option based on academic performance – The 2024 recipient was Laura Isaacs, Barss Corner, NS.

University medals are awarded to the student with the highest grade-point average in the program:

University Medal in Agricultural Economics - Laura Isaacs, Barss Corner, NS
University Medal in Animal Science - Madiya Patriquin, Oxford, NS
University Medal in Bioveterinary Science - Lauren Bunt, Foxboro, ON
University Medal in Engineering - Jessie Davidson, Valley, NS
University Medal in International Food Business - Andrea Gigolon, Truro, NS
University Medal in Environmental Sciences - Leanne MacDonald, Baddeck, NS
University Medal in Landscape Architecture - Chelsea Robins, New Germany, NS
University Medal in Plant Science - Alexe Indigo, Portugal Cove, NL
University Medal in Integrated Environmental Management - Zijing Wang, Changde City, Hunan Province, China

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