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Truro Students Shine at MacRae Library Research Poster Competition

Posted by Stephanie Rogers on April 3, 2024 in News
Posters on display at MacRae Library Student Learning Commons until April 5th
Posters on display at MacRae Library Student Learning Commons until April 5th

By: Jaclyn Chambers Page, Copyright Librarian + Faculty of Agriculture Liaison Librarian

The research achievements of students from across Dalhousie’s Truro campus were recently on display during MacRae Library’s first research poster competition.

This event provided a platform for students at all levels and from any program, including Truro Start, to showcase their research projects.

Held on March 27, the competition welcomed Dalhousie students, faculty, staff, and members of the surrounding community to engage with the research happening on the Truro campus, forge connections, and learn from each other.

Participants were invited to submit print or digital posters highlighting their research projects, which were evaluated by the event audience. During the event, participants delivered brief presentations of their research, followed by a poster fair where attendees could interact with researchers individually and provide feedback using a rubric.

The breadth of topics covered during the competition was impressive, ranging from the impact of Covid-19 restrictions on lactating dairy cows to toxic algal blooms. These diverse topics underscored the impactful research taking place on the Truro campus and demonstrated students' commitment to fostering a healthy and sustainable future.

The organizers extend their gratitude to all participants for their dedication and courage in taking part in the event:

· Zohreh Fazelan, Exploring immune gene expression patterns in American lobster (Homarus americanus) during Aerococcus viridans var. homari infection

· Zahra Ghiasvand, From Ocean to Gene: Investigating the Lobster's Immune Battle Against Profilicollis botulus    

· Hamza Jawad, Utilizing omics approaches to enhance parasite resistance in sheep through molecular diagnostics and genomic selection

· Baillie Lynds, Effect of Enhanced Efficiency Nitrogen Fertilizers on Agronomic and Environmental Performance in Grain Corn

· Staci-ann Morgan, The physiological and Behavioural effects of COVID-19 restrictions on lactating dairy cows

· Olufemi Osonowo, Optimizing Feed Intake Test Period in Sheep Production

· Marianna Rampaul, Cracking the enigma: Exploring the potential of the egg development protein vitellogenin as a bioindicator of female American lobster (Homarus americanus) maturity

· Devleena Sahoo, Worldwide Toxic Algal Blooms and Human Health issues          

Dalhousie Librarians Erin MacPherson and Jaclyn Chambers Page acted as hosts for the event and were pleased to present prizes to the top three overall scoring posters in a very close competition:

Marianna Rampaul
Baillie Lynds
Devleena Sahoo

All posters are available for viewing in the SLC (top floor) of the MacRae Library until April 5, 2024 providing an opportunity for further engagement and appreciation of the research endeavors of Truro campus students.

The organizers would also like to thank the students, faculty members, Acting Dean Dr. Wang-Pruski, Associate Deans, and community supporters who came out to encourage the participants and engage with the judging activity.

Special thanks to Alison Brierley, Dalhousie Libraries Multidisciplinary Intern for helping with the event preparations, Michael Vandenburg, Dean of Libraries and Elaine MacInnis, Associate Dean Library Services and Head MacRae Library & Acting Head, Killam Library for their support of this project.

(L to R) Erin MacPherson, Devleena Sahoo, Marianna Rampaul, Baillie Lynds, Jaclyn Chambers Page (Photo by Elaine MacInnis)