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Office Ergonomics Resources (at home and work)

Posted by stephanie rogers on March 31, 2021 in News

It is important to consider the ergonomics of our office setups (at home and on campus).

The EHS Office is here to provide education around office ergonomics and have several resources available via the EHS Office Website at :

    Self-Assessment Manual outlining the principles of ergonomics that folks can use to set up their workstations themselves.

    Ergonomic Training in the form of a CBT Course through Cont Ed. This is available free of charge to all faculty and staff and can be accessed

    Educational Videos – Dal Tiger demonstrating proper set up of office equipment.

    We have a partnership with the School of Occupational Therapy with OT students conducting ergonomic assessments. Since we have been working from home they have been conducting assessments virtually.

    We are available to do large group education sessions. Have done up to 65 in a TEAMs meeting and get great feedback on these sessions.

If anyone is interested in a virtual ergonomic assessment or a large group information session please contact