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Science Meets Parliament 2021

Posted by stephanie rogers on March 23, 2021 in News, Research
Dr. Stefanie Colombo
Dr. Stefanie Colombo

The COVID-19 global pandemic has highlighted more than ever the importance of science, science literacy, science advice and effective communication between multidisciplinary experts and parliamentarians.

The Canadian Science Policy Centre and the office of the Chief Science Advisor are pleased to offer Science Meets Parliament in 2021 to help strengthen the connection between the science and policy communities. The program provides an excellent opportunity for researchers to learn about the inclusion of scientific evidence in policy making in Parliament.

Dr. Stefanie Colombo was selected as part of this year’s Science Meets Parliament delegates.

"My hope for my research is that it makes a positive impact for Canadians, for aquaculture and for ocean conservation," said Colombo.  "I hope my research can provide science-based information for policy-makers for future regulations that can help improve our lives, through food, health, and the environment. "

The objective of the initiative is to strengthen the connections between Canada’s scientific and political communities, enable a two-way dialogue and promote mutual understanding. This initiative aims to help scientists become familiar with policy making at the political level and for parliamentarians to explore using scientific evidence in policy making.

The Canadian Science Policy Centre’s program aims to benefit the parliamentarians, the scientific community and indirectly, the Canadian public.