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Friday Brightspace Tips: Using Intelligent Agents in Brightspace

Posted by stephanie rogers on November 27, 2020 in News

Utilizing the Intelligent Agent (IA) tool in Brightspace can help instructors boost engagement with their students in an automated way for a number of different scenarios. While not all communication should be facilitated with IA, the tool can provide instructors additional flexibility in their teaching.

The IA works by setting up pre-determined times and circumstances to send emails to your students, to gently nudge students or to provide congratulatory feedback. Initial set up will not require substantial effort, after you’ve chosen what circumstances make the most sense for your course. Common scenarios include students who have not accessed the course for five days, or students who received 80% or higher on a midterm.

Our latest blog post outlines the steps to create an Intelligent Agent in your course (, or get in touch with ETD for one-on-one help (