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International Student Support Team Call for Proposals

Posted by stephanie rogers on October 27, 2020 in News

The International Student Support Team (ISST) is putting out a call for funding proposals to support initiatives to enhance the success of Dalhousie’s International Students.  The deadline to submit a proposal is November 6th  

Due to the changing needs to support international students locally and at a distance, we are putting out this revised call for funding proposals for initiatives that will support international students. 

Preference will be given to proposals that positively impact international student’s success broadly and supports students in a format that allows students to be engaged from both near and far.

Thank you to those who submitted proposals to our initial call this past winter prior to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Given the new circumstances with many international students not on campus, we felt a revised call for proposals would be necessary to allow for opportunities that consider the needs of students both near and far. 

If you submitted a proposal to our first call, you are welcome to re-submit your proposal to this revised call if your proposal still meets the new priorities and needs of international students today.  

A brief background and a list of ISST members, is provided below.

Proposals may be submitted by academic departments/Faculties, central student support services, and International Student Societies by sending a copy of the attached form to Angela McKinnon, Program Manager, International Student Support by November 6th (New Extended Deadline).

Please direct enquiries to Angela McKinnon.


In the summer of 2019, an International Student Support Rapid Task Force was convened by the Provost to provide recommendations on how to support international students.  Among the recommendations was the establishment of an International Student Support Team (ISST) that would oversee and guide the support for international students. A budget was assigned, and a Program Manager hired to provide oversight, support, and guidance. The ISST is now issuing a call for funding proposals from the University community to support initiatives designed to enhance the success of Dalhousie’s international Students.   

ISST Members:

Chris Moore, Associate Vice-President Academic - ISST Chair
Verity Turpin, Vice-Provost, Student Affairs (Acting) - Associate Co-Chair
Angela McKinnon, ISST Program Manager
Cynthia Murphy, Director, Student Experience
Christian Blouin, Faculty of Computer Science
Jason Haslam, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Bill Foster, Faculty of Management
Brooke Edwards, Faculty of Engineering
Mark Mason, Faculty of Agriculture
David Packer, College of Continuing Education
Jasmine Smart, Faculty of Graduate Studies
Muyu (Murray) Lyu, Student, Faculty of Management
Bayo Majekolagbe, Student, Faculty of Graduate Studies
Mengdi Zhou, Student, Faculty of Agriculture