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Promotion of Fall 2020 online courses

Posted by stephanie rogers on July 14, 2020 in International News, News

As we prepare for a fall semester unlike any other, I want to thank everyone for the hard work being put into moving Faculty of Agriculture courses and services online. Although this is a challenging undertaking, it presents unique opportunities for our campus to provide flexibility and accessibility within programs, as well as offset some of the financial strain caused by COVID-19 by increasing enrolment through non-traditional markets.

Extended Learning acts as the link between external students and the faculty. Given that we are hoping to have more external students than ever before during this coming semester, Extended Learning has overhauled their website in support of this goal. I’d ask that all instructors take a few moments to navigate the new Keep in mind that the purpose of the site is:

·         To serve as a landing page for external audiences interested in taking any Faculty of Agriculture courses (both credit and non-credit)

·         To serve as a fast and convenient way for current students (Truro and Halifax), along with faculty and staff, to view Faculty of Agriculture online offerings without needing to access the timetable

Please have a look through the site. If you feel something is missing, or if one of your courses should NOT be included in the Fall 2020 listing (ie. if it is restricted to a specific program and cannot be used as an elective), or if you have any general comments, you can contact Ashley (, Colette ( or the general Extended Learning email (

Course marketing

Finally, Extended Learning will also be working on targeted marketing of specific courses and subject areas over the next several weeks. Please support them in this if you are able. Feel free to share the course listing and any specific marketing within your networks at any point.  

Thanks again for your continued hard work.