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Making the Social Connection

Posted by stephanie rogers on May 29, 2020 in News

Sitting in on the Tactics for Maintaining Mental Fitness During the COVID-19 Pandemic webinar with Dr Bill Howatt of Howatt HR this week we explored how to make a social connection while being in self-isolation, working from home and observing social distancing rules.

A social connection is a basic psychological need and we are auto-programmed to social thinking.  It is incorporated into our life satisfaction and a central element to human evolution.  Having a lack of connection for some can be the same as having physical pain sensations.

Dr. Howatt says improving your social connection can result in:

·         Improved Immune System Function

·         Decreased Chronic Disease

·         Decreased Inflammation

·         50% increase in Longevity

·         Improved Sleep

·         Higher Self-Esteem.

We need to prioritize making a social connection and we can do it in the following ways:

·         Taking the time to listen to others

·         Set up video chat time

·         Use video work sessions

·         Set up regular check-ins

·         Ask about life outside of work

·         Acknowledge successes and challenges

A valuable connection can be made by doing something as simple as saying hello and smiling at someone when you are out for a walk or waving to someone as they drive by the farm yard.  These tools are also ways to charging your battery!

Take the Mental Fitness Index survey to see if you are charging your battery.  I took the survey and found there were many really good questions in relation to mental well being that I hadn’t thought about before and found it valuable to go through the exercise.  You may surprise yourself.

Submitted by Farm Safety Nova Scotia