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Robert L. Wears Patient Safety Leadership Award

Posted by stephanie rogers on January 31, 2020 in News

The SafetyNET-Rx Research Team has won the 2020 Robert Wears Patient Safety Leadership Award from the QSEN Institute in Jacksonville, Florida. 

The award is for work in advancing community pharmacy safety in Nova Scotia, which has influenced community pharmacy safety regulatory and business practices throughout Canada and beyond. 

The research team includes scholars from Dalhousie, St. FX, Queens University, the University of Cincinnati and Manchester University along with several industry partners.  The research team is based in the Rowe School of Business and includes Benoit Aubert, Paola Gonzalez, Bo Yu, and Hamed Aghakhani in the Rowe School as well as Katherine Fierlbeck in FASS and Chris Hartt in Agriculture.

The group has also provided opportunities for graduate students to participate in different forms of research and learn from our colleagues in Halifax as well as Safetynet RX (now SafeAssure) team members and partners in the USA, Ireland and several other Canadian Universities as well as FASS, FoM, CompSci and Math.