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SAIL 2020

Posted by stephanie rogers on January 24, 2020 in News
Nominate a student today!
Nominate a student today!

This is our15th annual celebration where Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture, Student Advancement in Leadership (SAIL) formally recognizes fellow students for their contribution, leadership and achievement.

The Excellence in Student Leadership award recipients are celebrated for empowering others to do their best, recognizing and acting when there is a need and acknowledging strength where it is held.

Foremost, this celebration acknowledges the recipients of our Student Advancement in Leadership (SAIL) Certificate as they have intentionally pursued and engaged in many leadership activities and connected with their communities by volunteering, encouraged learning opportunities through collaboration and offer wellness and leadership programming to fellow students.

To learn more about SAIL and to nominate students for these Excellence in Student Leadership Awards, go to and follow the link to nominations and descriptions.