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Animal Care and Use Committee ‑ Community Representative

Posted by Stephanie Rogers on September 24, 2015 in News

The Dalhousie Agricultural Campus (Truro Campus) is currently recruiting for a volunteer position on the Animal Care and Use Committee. The committee is seeking applications for a Community Representative.

This position requires a commitment of approximately 5-10 hrs. / month.  The Animal Care and Use Committee meets monthly and is responsible for ensuring the ethical use of animals and compliance with the guidelines and policies of the Canadian Council on Animal Care.  Meetings occur during regular work hours, and are typically several hours in duration.  The Community Representative should not be affiliated in any way with Dalhousie University or the former Nova Scotia Agricultural College.

The role of a community representative is to participate actively in decision-making on the care and use of animals, by

• working with the members of an institution and its Animal Care and Use Committee to ensure good animal care and use at the institutional level;

• providing an external, community perspective to scientific institutions and to the CCAC; and

• helping identify and address the public's opinions and concerns regarding the use of

 animals for research and teaching

Please forward your expressions of interest and two personal references to the Animal Care Coordinator: Cheryl Paris by October 31, 2015