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Dal‑AC Teaching at FAFU

Posted by Stephanie Rogers on May 19, 2015 in News

Sherry Matheson and Gefu Wang-Pruski have recently been teaching labs and classes at FAFU. Sherry is shown with OEC students in a lab practical. With Sherry is Ms Yanli YANG, who spent a semester on our campus focusing on molecular biology several years ago. Also recently instructing our 2+2 students have been Sarah Stewart-Clark and Nancy Pitts, joining those classes by videoconference. Claude Caldwell continues to complete the Agroecology course with his co-instructor, Songliang Wang using a combination of VC and in-person classes.

Recently Raj Lada, Carol Goodwin and Claude Caldwell visited the Landscape Architecture colleagues at FAFU for detailed planning for the 3+1 B. Tech. in Landscape Architecture with FAFU. Shown are Dr Zonghua Wang, VP Academic, and Dr Gefu Wang-Pruski, Dean, Overseas College at FAFU along with the Dalhousie colleagues.