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Student Appreciation Award winner Margie Hartling

Posted by Stephanie Rogers on May 14, 2015 in News

Margie Hartling and Owen Johnstone, the Noel Enman Award recipient

Every year, the graduating class selects a faculty or staff member to receive the Student Appreciation Award.  This individual has a huge impact on students’ lives.

The 2015 recipient is held in high regard by all students and makes a big difference in completing the Animal Science courses here on campus

Margie Hartling in an instructor and Nutrition lab supervisor in the department of plant and Animal Sciences.  Margie is always enthusiastic and eager to help.  She not only helps students with labs, but also with things outside of the lab such as 4th year projects, graduate school and life skills.

Margie is the kind of person students can talk to and WANT to talk to. Regardless of who and what she is teaching, she is consistently fair in her evaluations.  She is a vital part of the campus community and the AC would not be the same without her.  “Once you have taken one course with Margie, you are excited for the next one. She makes understanding difficult concepts much more achievable,” explained Leah Cook and Tori Fitka.  “Margie always goes above and beyond her call of duty to help students and has significantly enhanced our university education.”

Congratulations Margie.