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Faculty of Agriculture professors honored for their teaching impact

Posted by stephanie rogers on March 30, 2015 in News

Two of Agriculture’s own were honored at the Dalhousie Impact Awards, Thursday, March 26th for their impact on our students through their outstanding teaching.

The DSU Teaching Impact award is given to a Dalhousie professor who has demonstrated a student-centered approach to teaching by going above and beyond for students and encouraging students to push the boundaries of their learning.

Dr. Jin Yue, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Engineering is an outstanding professor who delights in the success of his students. Jin is known for his great sense of humor and ability to make his lectures enjoyable for every student.  An approachable and outgoing professor, Jin ensures that his students understand difficult concepts and are aware of the various services available to enrich their knowledge and understanding, from individual tutors to the MAP Centre and his office hours.

One student noted, “His encouragement and belief in my ability in math has not only made me a stronger student, but has aided me in becoming a better tutor for others.”

Jin challenges students’ thinking by offering questions that apply the knowledge they have learned in class, exercising an interactive learning style by getting his students involved in their learning, and is willing to help as soon as he finds a struggling student.

Congratulations Dr. Jin Yue!

(L to R) Dr. Jin Yue and Aitazaz Farooque

Aitazaz Farooque also in the Department of Engineering is known for providing case studies and assignments that are applicable simulations of what students can expect in the real-world.  Aitazaz

Is always the very last one to leave the classroom as he is always busy helping his students.  He genuinely cares about students grasping and enjoying the course material and often asks questions to confirm their understanding

Aitazaz focuses on the delivery of fundamentals as a priority. He does not hesitate to re-visit core concepts to ensure students have a complete understanding Aitazaz also understands students’ financial burden. He has provided several copies of his own textbooks for students to use until the end of the semester

“He is a teacher who relates to all students with humility and without prejudice”

Congratulations Aitazaz Farooque!