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Faculty vs. Grad Students Soccer Results

Posted by Mike Pauley on August 29, 2014 in Events

On August 28th, the Faculty of Agriculture Graduate Students and Faculty/Staff faced off in their first annual soccer competition. Sporting the motto "Youth and Vigour" on bright red shirts the Graduate Students struck the first blow in the early minutes of the first half. Undeterred the Faculty/Staff side mustered blistering runs on the wings and evened the score just before the end of half-time. Hot, tired, and sore, the graduate student team frantically strategized during the intermission.

A Faculty/Staff team with only two substitutes at their disposal dug deep in the second half. In the fading minutes of the match, down three goals to two, the Faculty/Staff team surged back to score two more goals (one disallowed and an appeal is being considered).
The game ended as a draw 3 - 3.

Special thanks to Dr. Claude Caldwell for refereering and to the Graduate Student Society for organizing this event. Thank you to all the Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students who participated in this event. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Dr. Derek Lynch who left due to injury in the first half.