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Faculty of Agriculture 3‑ Part Learning Series ‑ Spring 2014

Posted by stephanie rogers on March 31, 2014 in News

Faculty of Agriculture 3- Part Learning Series - Spring 2014

The Faculty of Agriculture’s Committee for Learning and Teaching invites campus members to participate in an initial series of sessions designed to help enhance our culture of learning and teaching. As well, different teaching and learning seminars will be planned for the summer.

  1. The Teaching Dossier Workshop
  2. Session on Fac of Ag -Promotion and Tenure process and perspectives
  3. Session for feedback on the teaching dossier

Recording Teaching Accomplishments-Dossier Workshop

Wednesday, April 9 – 9:30am-12:30pm, Cox Institute, Room 262

Dr. Suzanne Le-May Sheffield, Director, Centre for Learning and Teaching

The teaching dossier or portfolio is widely used by university academic staff to document their teaching skills and responsibilities and to provide evidence of the quality of their teaching practice. In many faculties and departments at Dalhousie, candidates for appointment, re-appointment, tenure, or promotion are required to submit a teaching dossier as part of their application. In addition, faculty and graduate students may be preparing a dossier for job applications.  Beyond these purposes, the act of compiling a dossier requires university teachers to closely examine their teaching practice—an exercise that can help to identify strengths and challenges and guide plans for teaching enhancement and innovation.  This workshop will provide you with opportunities to think and talk about your approaches to teaching and learning and will outline how to best present your ideas and experiences in a teaching dossier.  Particular emphasis and attention will be paid to conceptualizing and writing a teaching philosophy.

Light refreshments will be served. Please register by emailing Kathleen Kevany, Faculty Liaison for CLT at or call ext 6700 to register with the Business and Social Science department secretary.