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Cross Cultural Relations Simply Across Town

Posted by Stephanie Rogers on April 15, 2013 in Students

Cross Cultural Relations Simply Across Town
By Dr. Kathleen Kevany

The third year Communications and Conflict Resolutions class is tasked with many exercises that support researching, reflecting on and integrating higher skills in communications, cross cultural relations and conflict resolution. This year the class arranged to explore cross-cultural relations simply by going across town. We visited the Glooscap Heritage Centre and were guided by the Manager, Gordon Pictou. The Centre is worth the visit as it is a tremendous resource in our region. The students recommend that everyone would get something out of viewing the superb 18 minute video on the rich Mi'kmaq history of the region. Visitors can also benefit from a guided tour with Mr. Pictou or any of the well informed guides of the Centre. 

We regret that our tour was all too short but we are glad we crossed town to learn more about communities within multicultural Canada and to learn more about ourselves, particularly ways to enhance our skills of inclusion and appreciation.


Thank you to our friends at Glooscap