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Disposal of Surplus ‑ Agricultural Campus

Posted by Stephanie Rogers on November 30, 2012 in News

Dalhousie University's process for disposal of surplus material is now available on the Agricultural Campus.

This process advertises items on a website for a period of time with a specified closing date. Requests from departments for University requirements will be served on a first come, first serve basis. Individuals, including the general public, will be allowed to submit bids for personal use of the items. These bids will be considered in the event that there are no requests for reuse within the University.

Process highlights include;

- Surplus items will be posted on a website for viewing. Departments may specify a limited viewing time for interested parties to view the item.

- Reuse for internal requirements will be considered before bids for personal use

- Departments and individuals can register to receive a notice as new items are available.

- Items posted in Halifax must be paid for in Halifax. Items posted in Truro must be paid for in Truro.

- University trucking services will not transport items between Halifax and Truro campuses.

Process details are available on the Procurement Department's website, Specific inquiries can be directed to   

Mike Drane
Procurement Director,
Dalhousie University