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Meet our new summer students

Posted by Teala Chamber, Sara Wong, Adriana Reitano, Kitty Kam on June 7, 2021 in News
CERC.OCEAN new summer students (left to right): Teala Chambers, Sara Wong and Adriana Reitano.
CERC.OCEAN new summer students (left to right): Teala Chambers, Sara Wong and Adriana Reitano.

This summer we welcome three undergraduate students in the CERC.OCEAN lab - Teala Chambers, Sara Wong and Adriana Reitano. Here are a short introduction about themselves and their summer projects with CERC.OCEAN:

Teala Chambers


I am Teala Chambers, a recent BSc graduate in Ocean Sciences with Honours. Completing my undergraduate degree with Honour's thesis has been such a privilege, and I hope to pursue a master's degree in the near future! The ocean connects us all by its influence on the climate and its photosynthetic contribution of oxygen that are necessary to our existence. The way I see it, chemical oceanography links to physical, biological, and geological processes that affect the ocean; hence they reflect the connectedness of the ocean. I am so grateful to be able to pursue my interests in marine chemistry, ocean technology and science communication. Ocean technology is interesting to me because it can help us, as scientists, to better understand and relate to the ocean. I am so excited to learn more about ocean observations using ROVS and AUVs by assisting with data collection and processing in the Bedford Basin.

Sara Wong


My name is Sara Wong, and I am going into the third year of my undergraduate degree with a major in Ocean Sciences and a minor in Chemistry. After watching a shark finning documentary in grade 9, I fell in love with sharks and became determined to protect them. Since then, I knew that I wanted to work with the ocean. After joining Dal and realizing my love of chemistry and mathematics, I have decided that the best way to help sharks and protect their home is by studying oceanography! I am interested in researching the effects of climate change on seawater chemistry because the ocean plays a vital role in our survival. I am extremely excited to pursue my passion this summer with the CERC.OCEAN group, in which I will be measuring seawater pH using spectrophotometry as an important aspect of ocean acidification research.  

Adriana Reitano 


My name is Adriana Reitano. I am entering the fifth and final year of my undergraduate degree, majoring in ocean sciences with Honours and minoring in chemistry. My chemistry minor has been primarily focusing on organic chemistry as I find it the most interesting! I love all the things about the carbonate system, carbon chemistry, and how they alter by ocean acidification. I love chemical oceanography because it combines my two favourite things – chemistry and the ocean! I feel that chemical oceanography is the best outlet to create an impact in mitigating climate change, which is what I really want to do. During the summer, I will be measuring nitrous oxide (N₂O) concentrations of water samples from Bedford Basin. My summer work will become part of my honours project in the coming academic year (2021/2022).