Roles and Responsibilities

The Board of Governors bears the ultimate responsibility for the operation and future of Dalhousie University. The board carries out this responsibility through a stewardship role. The board delegates day-to-day management of the university to the president and management team. The board respects the responsibility of the University Senate to adopt policies on academic matters, but such policies may be subject to board approval.

Read more about the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Governors. [PDF -75 KB]

Role of the Board Chair

In addition to the duties and responsibilities of all board members, the chair must also do the following:

  • preside over all board meetings
  • assure the integrity of the board’s process and be the official spokesperson for the board
  • serve as the chair of the Presidential Search Committee and of the Presidential Review Committee
  • assess the performance of and approve compensation and benefit for the president annually
  • facilitate periodic assessment of board practices and governance
  • serve as the signing officer of the board on matters related to contracts and other legal obligations undertaken by the board, except when the chair designates otherwise
  • represent the board at official functions as required, except when the chair designates otherwise
  • be an advisor to the president and vice-chancellor and individual board members