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A photo of a field used for blueberry production in Nova Scotia.

Research Collaboration

Nova Scotia produces over 400 million pounds of wild blueberries each year, due in part to the region being well-suited to the crop. But that’s not the only reason Nova Scotian yields are so high. Millions of dollars have been invested in wild blueberry research over the years to make growing the crops more efficient and globally competitive. Much of that research is funded by wild blueberry industry leader Oxford Frozen Foods and has been conducted in partnership with Dalhousie’s Faculty of Agriculture.

Dr. David Percival is involved in the university’s Wild Blueberry Research Program. In 1996, he began collaborating with Oxford Frozen Foods.

Successful yields start with a fundamental knowledge of plant biology, which Percival’s team has been working to build around the wild blueberry plant through research. His team has also developed technology-based products, processes, and services that increase yield potential and harvestable berry yield.

The research activities out of his lab include those around soil fertility, plant nutrition, disease management, organic production, bioactives and bioproduct development, vegetation management, double cropping, floral induction and initiation, and use of plant growth regulators.

Dr. Percival’s work with Oxford Frozen Foods has answered critical questions around the factors that contribute to better berry growth, leading to lower production costs and improved berry quality.

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Dr. David Percival
Professor - Department of Plant, Food, and Environmental Science