Reebok Canada Fitness Foundation

Research Collaboration Agreement

Most Canadian children are not achieving their 60 minutes of recommended physical activity per day. In order to help move them closer to their 60 minutes, the Public Health Agency of Canada and Reebok have joined forces with a school-based intervention called BOKS. The program is based on two 12-week sessions of up to 40-minutes of physical activity three times per week. The intervention can take place before, during or after school, and it’s run by volunteers (typically school staff).

To help combat this growing problem, Dr. Laurene Rehman applied to a call for proposals to expand on the research and implementation of the evidence-based BOKS program and that led to a research collaboration agreement between Reebok Canada Fitness Foundation and Dalhousie in 2019. Dr. Rehman’s study aimed to explore the impact of the BOKS program on two case studies and to obtain a better understanding of the experience of the volunteer trainers.

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