Velsoft Training Materials

License Agreement

Children and youth spend the majority of their time inside classrooms, where teachers foster the learning and social development of anywhere between 20-35 students each day. It’s a large and important responsibility, particularly when you consider that every student has their own set of unique needs in order to flourish in the typical classroom setting. 

That’s why Dr. Penny Corkum, a researcher with a background in education and clinical psychology, designed a professional development program for Canadian teachers to help them deliver evidence-based classroom interventions for students with mental health and neurodevelopmental disorders.

Velsoft Training Materials is an e-learning company based in Nova Scotia and it has acquired a license to commercialize Dr. Corkum’s innovative program.

Teacher Help will allow teachers to access information about interventions for children with learning disabilities, ADHD, and Autism Spectrum Disorder whenever they need it, wherever they need it. Through increasing teachers’ mental health literacy and knowledge, the Teacher Help program aims to improve the classroom experience for students of all abilities and the teachers who support them.

Learn more about Teacher Help here.