ABK Biomedical

Three of the founding members of ABK Biomedical stand outside a building

A Dal research spinoff company

ABK Biomedical Inc. 

In 2012, an interventional radiologist and two material scientists at Dalhousie co-founded ABK Biomedical Inc. after a research discovery led to product development. ABK focuses on the research and development of innovative embolic therapies intended to treat both benign and malignant hypervascular tumours.

ABK Biomedical has since secured impressive financing, including Atlantic Canada’s largest ever venture capital round ($40-million CAD Series B raise in 2019). In addition, ABK Biomedical now employs over 30 highly qualified individuals led by a seasoned CEO and executive management team to propel the company through R&D, regulatory approval in Canada & the US, and commercialization.

ABK’s Eye90microspheres™ and Easi-Vue™ microspheres are investigational medical devices intended to improve treatment options for patients. The novel technology includes inorganic polymer microspheres — tiny glass beads — that are placed inside tumours via arteries to either block blood flow (Easi-Vue™), causing the tumours to shrink, or by delivering radiation directly inside the tumor (Eye90 microspheres™). ABK’s technology allows for these microspheres to be visible on X-ray or CT scan, unlike current embolotherapy products, so that clinicians may better assess and personalize treatment for each patient.

ABK Biomedical possesses novel intellectual capital and its own R&D and manufacturing facilities for developing and commercializing these unique products. The company is headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia with offices in Orange County, California.

ABK’s medical devices are investigational and not approved or cleared for human use by the US FDA or Canadian regulatory authorities

Researchers & Co-Founders: 

  • Dr. Bob Abraham
    Professor and Interventional Radiologist, Department of Diagnostic Radiology; Co-founder & Chief Medical Officer, ABK Biomedical
  • Dr. Daniel Boyd
    Associate Professor, School of Biomedical Engineering; Co-founder, ABK Biomedical
  • Dr. Sharon Kehoe
    Adjunct Professor, School of Biomedical Engineering; Co-founder & Research Program Director, ABK Biomedical