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Turn your big ideas into products, solutions and R&D partnerships

There are a number of ways to share academic research contributions with the public. Our team specializes in building partnerships with industry and supporting those in the Dalhousie research community who wish to commercialize their innovations. If you think your research has the potential for commercial or industrial application, we’re here to help.  

Working together

Our job is to support you through every step involved in building a partnership that’s right for you. There’s a lot to navigate when it comes to understanding industry contract and technology transfer.
Read an overview of what you can expect when working with OCIE, browse FAQs and learn more about processes.

Delivering results

University-industry collaborations can take on different forms. There are R&D contracts, technology transfer licensing deals, student research placements with companies and more.
Browse our collection of success stories to see the results of each kind of collaboration.

Explore funding sources

We can connect you with funding opportunities that will bring research ideas and collaboration opportunities to life. 
Learn more about what is available from regional, national and international organizations that can help fund your research.

Connect with us

Timing is often critical — the earlier you start with industry partnership opportunities or the commercialization process, the better.
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