Inter‑campus mail delivery

Inter-campus mail delivery between Dalhousie's Halifax campuses and the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus


When sending inter-campus mail from Halifax to the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus or from the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus to Halifax, continue to follow the same process currently used on either campus.

  • Use an inter-campus mail envelope, writing the name of the recipient and their department on the envelope. Do not use abbreviations
  • Facilities Management (FM) mail staff will pick up the inter-campus mail daily and deliver it to the mail room on each campus.
  • The inter-campus mail will be delivered to either campus, each evening. A two day turn around should be expected. If next morning service is necessary, please continue to follow your existing courier service procedure.
  • Each day, inter-campus mail will be delivered to each department at both campuses by Facilities Management mail staff.
  • Larger items or packages that do not fit in an inter-campus mail envelope can be sent but will be billed to your department (please contact the mail room directly at (902) 494-3476 in advance of sending any large orders or oversized packages).

If you have any questions, please contact Mike Wilkinson, Environmental Services Manager, at (902) 494-8396,, or the Dalhousie mail room at (902) 494-3476.