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Classroom Issues Form

Should you have a classroom problem relating to A/V, ITS, cleaning, furniture or other physical attributes. Please fill out the form below. Your email will be converted to a service request and routed appropriately. You will be contacted by email with service request numbers, so that you can follow up. 

Please note, not all issues can be dealt with immediately due to a variety of reasons including man power ability, access, and budget restriction. The request will be kept on hand and reviewed on a regular basis. 

 A/V - Computers, Projectors, and LCD Screens
 ITS - Network and Telephone Connections
 Custodial - Leaks, Spills and Garbage
 Furniture - Missing or Damaged Furniture, White Boards and etc
 Maintenance - Building Structure and/or Systems issues. eg. Windows, Doors, Flooring, Electrical, Lighting, Heating , Cooling and Plumbing