Graduate Teaching Dossier Retreat

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A teaching dossier is a critical component for any academic job search, and yet we often do not consider the time and work it takes to develop a dossier that reflects the experience, values, and evidence of our teaching. This two-week retreat covers the fundamentals of a teaching dossier (e.g., teaching philosophy, student evaluations, teaching materials), and will provide you with an opportunity to take the time to start developing the foundations to your own dossier and reflect on your learning and teaching experiences. You will also have the opportunity to give and receive peer feedback. The retreat facilitators will also be available to answer questions and offer guidance on the development of your dossier.

Retreat Schedule

First Week

  • Tuesday, November 21, 1-3 pm (Location: B400, Killam Library): We'll be starting this retreat with an in-person session where we'll delve into various topics, including the components of teaching dossiers, teaching values, and components of teaching philosophy statements.
  • Friday, November 24:
    • Drop-in session (11 am - 12 pm, B400, Killam Library): You are welcome to attend the drop-in session to work on your teaching philosophy, to receive a one-on-one consultation, and/or ask any questions you may have about your teaching philosophy. 
    • Teaching Philosophy Submission Deadline: Submit a draft of your teaching dossier for peer review. You'll be grouped with 3-4 peers and encouraged to provide constructive feedback on each other's teaching philosophies.

Second Week

  • Tuesday, November 28:
    • Teaching Philosophy Peer Review Deadline. Participants are expected to provide feedback on their peers’ teaching philosophy by Tuesday, November 28. 
    • 1-3 pm (Location: B400, Killam Library): During this session, we will explore additional aspects of the teaching dossier, such as teaching responsibilities, teaching materials and artifacts, teaching effectiveness/student evaluation, and future teaching goals. 
    • Friday, December 1:
      • Drop-in session (11 am - 12 pm, B400, Killam Library): You are welcome to attend the drop-in session to work on your teaching dossier, to receive one-on-one consultation, and/or ask any questions you may have about your teaching dossier. 
      • Teaching Dossier Submission Deadline. Participants are expected to compile their teaching dossiers and submit them to the facilitator for feedback.

Important Notes:

  • Time Commitment: Expect to dedicate around 5-6 hours per week to attend the in-person session and to draft your teaching dossier components.
  • Active Participation: Registered participants are expected to complete the outlined tasks and engage actively with their peers throughout the entire retreat.
  • Limited Seats: Seats are limited. As this learning opportunity thrives on active peer exchange and collaboration, please ensure your full commitment and participation throughout the retreat duration before registering.

By participating in this two-week retreat, you will receive 5 professional development hours towards the completion of your Certificate in University Teaching and Learning as well as create and receive peer feedback on your teaching dossier. 


This page contains links to resources that will help you to organize the material in your Teaching Dossier and provide you with ideas to help you to start writing your Dossier.