The Tower Tank has the following specifications:

Diameter: 3.66 m (34’4”)
Depth: 10.46 m (12’)
Volume: 117,100 litres (25,750 gallons)

The tank is constructed of reinforced concrete and is lined with a glass reinforced polyester liner sealed with an epoxy coating. The tank is separated from the building via neoprene blocks, which are sandwiched between the tank and the tank stand.

The tank can be divided into three layers of water with each layer having different physical parameters. Water sampling can be performed through the sampling ports arranged throughout the wall of the tank. The tank is also equipped with a series of viewing ports (25 of which are suitable for human observation or for use with video equipment).

The tank is completely insulated with insulated window port covers to minimize sweating and condensation. Without the insulation, water would rain down into the building basement causing flooding. 

The Tower Tank spans four floors in the Oceanography Tower of the Life Sciences Building. The top of the tank rises just above the fourth floor with the bottom ending just about even with the first floor. The Tower Tank has three associated lab platforms that function primarily as locations for data collection equipment. These lab platforms are located on the first, third and fourth floor levels. Access to the tank can be through each of the lab platforms. Access to the main drain on the bottom of the tank is through the basement, below the first floor.