Cutting-edge aquatic research in world-class facilities

The Aquatron Laboratory is Dalhousie University’s aquatic research facility, located on Dalhousie’s main campus in the heart of Halifax. Considered by many to be one of the best in the world, the Aquatron is the largest university aquatic research facility in Canada.

Meeting the needs of aquatic researchers

The Aquatron is well suited to accommodate almost any lab-based aquatic experiment. It boasts six large tanks holding a combined volume of over 2,000 m3, as well as a wide variety of smaller tanks, research spaces and equipment.

Providing an ideal set-up for studies

These world-class facilities are backed by our mechanical system, which can provide high quality, temperature controlled seawater and freshwater year round, as well as a professional team of both biologists and mechanical operators who are available to run the systems and help researchers.