Helping to carry the load

Our researchers have a lot on their plates so it’s important that they can focus on just the areas that are vital to their project. Experienced Aquatron staff can take the pressure off by stepping in and taking care of the rest. Whether it is helping with technical requirements, feeding and caring for animals, or producing plankton, we work hard to ensure our researchers are successful.

Adapting each service to meet unique needs

As problem-solvers, we spend a lot of time and effort going beyond our core services by adapting them to specifically meet our researchers’ individual requirements. Take collecting fish for example—by working with us, researchers can tap into our solid network of contacts in the fishing industry as well as our expertise in fish transfer.

A service for every need

The Aquatron Laboratory offers a broad range of services including:

  • experimental set-up
  • assistance in experimental design (both facility design and experimental design)
  • help with obtaining animals
  • expertise and assistance in capturing wild animals*
  • help in transporting animals*
  • animal feeding and care*
  • experimental manipulation*
  • research contracts*
  • assistance in obtaining proper permits (federal and provincial for capture, transport and holding of aquatic animals)

* fees are applicable

Want to discuss your individual requirements?

Contact the Aquatron Manager, John Batt, at (902) 494-3874 or