Zebrafish Service

The Aquatron Zebrafish facility provides a number of services for researchers both at Dalhousie University and other Universities throughout the region. These services include:

  • Stock Fish: the Aquatron maintains a number of zebra fish stocks that can be purchased for research. Stocks include but are not limited to Wild Type AB, Wild Type Tubigen, Nacre and Casper. Stocks can be obtained as eggs, juvenile or adults. Other stocks can be obtained as required. To obtain zebra fish, researchers must provide the Aquatron with a valid animal ethics protocol number.

  • Tank space: the Aquatron has 1.5, 3.0 and 10.0 litre tanks can be utilized. This service includes both the housing and feeding of the animals. Tanks are billed by individual tanks, per shelf or per rack.

  • Artemia Cysts: the Aquatron has a stock of Artemia cysts which are bought in case lots and can be obtained by individual researchers for their own labs.

  • Customized zebra fish breeding: breeding can be performed by Aquatron staff to produce a specific line, group or family of fish.

  • Experimental operation: Aquatron staff are capable in either assisting or operating experiments are required by researchers.