Education & Training

Supporting the educational needs of students and researchers

In addition to providing resources for research which includes graduate level training, the Aquatron supports and assists in education both to researchers using the Aquatron and to undergraduate programs.

MARI 3600.03 Aquaculture

Dalhousie undergraduate class

This class is offered through the Department of Biology by Dr. Christophe Herbinger and covers various aspects of aquaculture. The Aquatron Laboratory provides support to this class through personnel, equipment and facilities.

Class Description:

Through lectures and field trips, this class offers an introductory overview of aquaculture – the culturing and raising of aquatic plants and animals.

Lectures will deal with the following topics:

  • general overview of aquaculture
  • physical and chemical properties of the aquatic environment
  • aquatic engineering
  • site selection
  • finfish, mollusc, crustacean and seaweed culture
  • health and pathology
  • nutrition
  • genetics and reproduction
  • legal, economical and social considerations

These topics will be covered with both a Maritimes and global perspective.

Instructor: C. Herbinger

Format: Lecture 3 hours, Field trips (2 Sundays)

Prerequisites: BIOL 2001.03 or BIOL 2003.03

Cross Listings: BIOL 3600.03

Learn more: See Calendar description

Fish Users Animal Care Course

One-day workshop for all users of fish and cephalopods

In collaboration with the Office of the University Veterinarian, the Aquatron offers a core course in animal user training, which meets the requirements of the Canadian Council on Animal Care’s national training requirement. 

The first half of the day consists of lectures covering basic aquatic animal care, including ethics. The second half of the day is a hands-on workshop, which is typically customized to the group in training. Topics covered include anesthesia, euthanasia, tagging and surgery. 

This course is offered free of charge to Dalhousie students and staff.

For more information including the schedule, see training requirements.