Tower Tank

Rare tank provides opportunities for deep-water research

The Tower Tank is a specially designed cylindrical tank developed to model one atmosphere of seawater. The 10-metre column of water allows researchers to work in real-world scale for deep-water research.

Leave the boats and snow for the fishermen

Rather than having to go out on the ocean or lakes to find deep water, researchers can work in relative comfort using the Tower Tank. This cost-effective, indoor facility provides ease of access, a high level of security, a full workshop facility, as well as a team of professional biologists and mechanical operators to help meet your needs.

Deep-water research possibilities abound

Researchers from universities, government and industry are all welcome to use the Tower Tank for their research. Examples of how the Tower Tank can be used include:

  • Animal housing. The tank is currently holding two green sea turtles. The depth of the tank allows them to behave more naturally than in other tanks.
  • Equipment testing. Several marine technology companies routinely test equipment in the tank, including pressure housing testing and mechanical functional testing.
  • Vertical migration. Marine biologists use this tank to learn more about how various marine and freshwater organisms move up and down in the water column.

Interested in using the Tower Tank?

Contact the Aquatron Manager, John Batt, at (902) 494-3874 or

Learn more about the Tower Tank [186 kB].