Wet Labs

High quality facilities for higher quality results

At the Aquatron, we help facilitate research success through excellent wet lab facilities, good security and highly controlled water quality parameters to eliminate variability in experiments. And because we also operate the mechanical infrastructure that supplies and treats the water, researchers can concentrate on their research without worrying about water supply and quality conditions.

Precisely controlled water and custom layouts

Each of our 16 Wet Labs can be customized to meet the needs of a wide variety of aquatic research projects. Each room comes equipped with flowing seawater and freshwater, which can be ambient, heated or chilled. Many of the labs are equipped with waste water chlorination allowing for various levels of biocontainment and quarantine.

Aquatic research projects find a home in Wet Labs

With a program that is geared towards research excellence, researchers from universities, government and industry are eager to use the wet lab facilities for a wide variety of innovative research projects. Examples of how others are using this facility include:

  • Vaccine development. Our Wet Labs have been used to develop fish vaccines for the aquaculture industry to reduce the amounts of antibiotics this industry may release into the environment.
  • Larvae rearing. Working with Dr. Hutchings, we have been rearing marine fish larvae to better understand how fishing has impacted the health of our commercial fish stocks.
  • Human medical studies. Medical researchers have been using our labs in studies to understand various diseases in humans, including Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

Interested in using the Wet Labs?

Contact the Aquatron Manager, John Batt, at (902) 494-3874 or john.batt@dal.ca.

Learn more about the Wet Labs [285 kB].