Pool Tank

Multitude of research opportunities in large-scale tank

Unique in Canada, the Pool Tank offers researchers a large-scale tank, which can be manipulated to meet the needs of a wide variety of research applications, including:

  • housing marine animals or large fish
  • acting as a rocky shore habitat
  • testing marine instruments

Pool size reflects real-world application

Fish and other aquatic organisms behave more naturally in the large-scale Pool Tank because it simulates a large body of water. As a result, researchers can perform experiments at the Aquatron that other facilities would be unable handle.

Facility offers researchers everything they need

Researchers from universities, government and industry use the Pool Tank because they know it offers them everything they need to be successful. Examples of how others are using this facility include:

  • Fish behavior experiments. Dr. Hutchings is looking at how fishing impacts male/female interaction of Atlantic cod.
  • Ballast water testing. The tank meets the volume requirements for “full-scale” ballast water treatment research.
  • Flood containment. Engineers have used this tank to help them develop portable dams to be used during flood conditions.

Interested in using the Pool Tank?
Contact the Aquatron Manager, John Batt, at (902) 494-3874 or john.batt@dal.ca.

Learn more about the Pool Tank [822 kB].