Technical Specifications


15.24 m (50’)


Approximately 3.54 m perimeter to 3.91 m center (11'7½” to 12'10”)

Volume 684,050 litres (150,477 gallons)

Materials Structural

Steel reinforced concrete. 
Polyester and glass-fiber liner with an epoxy sealant. 
Tank sits atop a steel reinforced concrete tank stand. 
Plumbed with sch. 80 PVC pipe.

Supply Water Filtered or unfiltered seawater or dechlorinated freshwater


Up to 30ºC

Chilling Down to 2ºC

Satellite Tank


Depth: 1.12 m
Approximate diameter: 1.8 m
Approximate volume: 8 m3

Length: 2.74 m (9’) 

Width: 0.81 m (32”) 

Depth: 1.12 m
Approximate volume: 2.48 m3 (545 gallons)
Access Access through man door (1 m wide) or large loading door. Two spiral stairwell ladders from main deck to observation deck and mechanical area. Movement of large and heavy equipment via an “I” beam suspended crane. There are 4-person doors including access to two associated rooms. (Observation room and nearby wet lab.)
Loading Door Size 3 m (10’) wide x 3 m (10’) high except 2.82 m (9’3”) high in centre where “I” beam passes through the door.



Operation: Hydraulically controlled 

Height: Raised or lowered between 0 and 2.5 m of the scrubbers

Speed: Varies between 8 cm/sec (0.322 kph) and 96 cm/sec (3.38 kph)

Weight limitation: Equipment weighing up to 80 kg can be carried at the extremities of the bridge

Instruments Attached Seawater supply has a flow meter which is connected to PLC and can be totalized, data logged and alarmed.


Glass windows approx. 1 m3
15 lower windows, 7 higher windows

Electrical Outlets Several locations with 115 v and 220 v electrical plus

Other Outlets

Compressed air and freshwater