The Pool Tank has the following specifications:

Diameter: 15.24 m
Depth: 3.54 m perimeter to 3.91 m center (11’7½” to 12’10”)
Volume: 684,050 litres (150, 477 gallons)

The tank is made from reinforced concrete, with a glass reinforced polyester liner sealed with an epoxy coating. The tank itself sits atop a concrete tank stand with neoprene blocks sandwiched in between to partially acoustically uncouple the tank.

The main deck is located at the top of the tank allowing access to all points of the tank surface. In addition to the main tank, there is an adjoining satellite tank and three associated rooms. The small isolation pool is connected to the main tank via a tunnel, which is 0.96 m wide, 1.12 m deep and 2.74 m long. The tunnel can be divided with drop gates at either end.

The satellite tank is 1.12 m deep, and approximately 1.8 m in diameter. Of the rooms, the first is a viewing room with a large glass window allowing a complete view of the tank surface. The second room is a large wet lab with flowing seawater and freshwater. The third room is located just above the tank and serves as a base of operations for the tank users.

Twenty-two underwater glass viewing ports, approximately 1m2 in size, are located around the perimeter of the tank. Windows are located at various depths to allow viewing at all levels of the tank. The windows are accessed through a viewing deck located below the main deck.