Wet Labs are located on the first and second floors of the Ocean Building in the Life Sciences Centre. The Wet Labs are located both within and outside a secured area allowing for labs within in the area to meet higher levels of biocontainment.

Standard equipment in the Wet Labs includes a head tank system, which has water introduced via two packed columns. The packed columns assist with water degassing to prevent super-saturation. 

The head tank is insulated and divided into two halves effectively creating two tanks in one. Each side of the tank is connected to the lab water distribution piping which runs around the walls of the lab. This creates two pipes running around the lab with a third pipe system interconnecting both sides of the header tank creating a third (usually mixed) water supply in the lab.

In addition to the water supply system, each wet lab is equipped with domestic water and a sink for cleaning; compressed air; and fluorescent lights (connected to a timer).  Most labs are equipped with 115-volt electrical while others may also have 220-volt systems.

Each lab is customized to meet the tank needs of each Aquatron client. Tank configurations may range but tanks are normally either mounted on fiberglass or aluminum stands. All tank drains are connected with solid pipe and connected to waste management as needed.