Who's Who in Residence

When you look around your residence, you’ll see many faces – both student and staff. We’d like to introduce your residence team and talk a little about their roles within your community.

Residence life managers (RLMs)

  • Full-time professional staff who live in residence and develop educational, social, and personal growth programs.
  • Train and supervise residence assistants (RAs).
  • Advise and counsel students.

Student life administrator

  • Full-time professional staff member responsible for overseeing the ResLife Learning Communities (RLLCs) in residence and training/supervising the cluster RAs, and delivering programs in residence/on campus.
  • Supporting the RLLCs and the RAs within those communities.

Residence Conduct Coordinator

  • Assists with the administration and case management of the Residence Code of Conduct policy processes
  • Responsible for hiring and supervising the Guest Sign-In Staff who administers the guest sign-in procedures at the entrances of residence during peak periods.
  • Assists with training student staff on student conduct and restorative approaches and provides support for programming to address and promote respectful and safe residence communities.

Residence Assistants (RAs)

  • Student leaders who live in residence.
  • Carefully selected and receive extensive training in maintaining community standards, community programming/development and crisis management.
  • Also trained in peer counselling but are not professional counsellors, but do their best to help you work through any difficulties and refer you to appropriate campus resources.

Residence Life Learning Community RAs (RLLC RAs)

  • Residence Assistants who work closely with residence students who live in the ResLife Living Communities.
  • Provide academic support, targeted programming, and opportunities for student engagement beyond residence.

Residence Programming Assistant

  • Work closely with the residence life management team to program unique and engaging events and programs for all students in residence.

Residence council members (RCs)

  • Council members are chosen by students and represent you! They are available to hear your concerns, answer your questions, and listen to your ideas.
  • Run many of the social activities and events in residences.
  • Assist with Orientation Week events, organize fundraisers for charities and other fantastic social events.
  • Host meetings that are open to all residents (check residence bulletin boards for dates and times of meetings).

Assistant Directors, Facilities Operations

  • Full-time staff who are responsible for the year-round operation of residence buildings.
  • Oversee Front Desk, Commissionaires and Custodial staff.
  • Priority is to maintain a comfortable and safe living environment while ensuring regular maintenance and timely repairs in the building.

Front desk staff

  • Full and part-time staff who are available to students 24-hours-a-day at Howe, Risley, Shirreff, LeMarchant, and Gerard Halls.
  • The first point of contact for residence visitors.
  • Sort mail, serve as a message centre for residents, take maintenance requests and answer questions from both residents and guests.

Dining hall and food services staff

  • Aramark, Dalhousie’s Food Services partner, prepares a wide variety of quality food options on an “all-you-care-to-eat” basis.
  • Full-time dietician available to meet with students.
  • Open door policy for students – drop by their office anytime.

Custodial and maintenance services (utility services personnel)

  • Full-time staff help maintain the cleanliness of the building.
  • If you have a question or concern regarding custodial service, please contact your Facilities Manager.
  • Monitor the maintenance request forms you submit and ensure repair jobs are addressed promptly.

Residence Office

  • Full- and part-time staff who handle administrative functions from offices at 6230 Coburg Road (traditional/non-traditional residences).
  • Process applications and room assignments for all buildings and handle all residence deposits.
  • Manage holiday stays, exam extensions, early arrivals and room transfers. How to request a room transfer [PDF - 486 KB].