Summer storage for returning residence students

Summer storage is available during the summer for students returning residence the following year—but space is limited, so contact your front desk (for Halifax campuses) or Residence Life Don (for Truro campus) early.

Dalhousie accepts no responsibility for the theft, loss or damage of any items placed in storage. Talk to the front desk for more information on storage options and locations.


You can bring a bicycle to residence—all of the residence buildings have bike racks nearby, and some have storage available inside the building. As bike thefts sometimes occur, always lock your bike.

If you keep your bike in your room, you are not allowed to put bike hooks in the walls or ceilings, and you will be billed for any damage to the room or furniture resulting from storing your bicycle. You are also not allowed to chain your bike to stair railings, pipes or other fixtures in common areas. If you store a bicycle in an unauthorized area, it will be removed.