Top 11 Reasons to Live in Res

Forget top 10! Here are the top 11 reasons to stay in residence

1. Guaranteed places

That's right. All first-year Dalhousie undergraduate students are guaranteed a place in residence. Of course, you have to be sure your application, application fee and admission deposit are submitted in full before the Halifax deadline or Truro deadline. The earlier the better! While you're guaranteed a place, we can't guarantee the place of your choice. Apply early to improve your chances. Find out how to apply.

2. Convenience

If the idea of rolling out of bed and into class appeals to you, you can't get much closer than living in residence. Whether you're at the Agricultural campus in Truro or the Halifax campus, living in residence is the most convenient option for students who want easy access to classes, campus living, and friends. Even moving in to residence is made more convenient with our Books in Res and Dorm Essentials program. Simply buy your books, supplies -- even a mini fridge, microwave and bedding -- through the Dal Bookstore's website and it will all be waiting for you when you arrive in September.

3. All-inclusive fees

Avoid the hassles of renting. Don't worry about having to arrange for your own electricity, heat or Internet. In residence, that's all included. And there are no damage deposits or unexpected end-of-the month bills. See services in Truro or Halifax for more information.

4. All-you-care-to-eat dining

Okay, maybe not quite, but it's pretty close. Thanks to your meal plan, food is one less thing to worry about. Not interested in grocery shopping, cooking and washing dishes? No problem. You'll find all kinds of dining options on campus and throughout the city that accept DalCard for payment. See meal plan and dining information for Truro or Halifax to learn more.

5. Lots of options

Choose from traditional dormitory-style residences or non-traditional residence apartments. Live on your own in a single room or with a roommate in a double room. There are plenty of options. All you have to do is choose—and apply early to increase your chances of getting the residence you want. See what your residence options are in Truro and Halifax.

6. Safety and security

First time away from home? Living on campus gives you the benefits of being out on your own, but with a safety net. Depening on the campus, we have Residence Assistants (RAs), Residence Life Managers (RLMs) and Dons available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to address your concerns or answer your questions. And campus security is always on the job to ensure a safe environment.  

7. Support for your education

That's why you're here, after all. There are countless opportunities for academic support and many academic programs specific to first-year students take place in residence. What could be more convenient? 

8. New friends

In residence, you're part of a community right from day one. At first, you'll meet lots of new people. You'll recognize faces in the halls, meet up with floormates for meals, sit with them in classes. Then, before you know it, you'll be friends. It's one of the best things about residence life. And some of those friendships will last your lifetime.

9. Can't beat the deal

When you consider what you're getting—room, utilities and meals, not to mention that you're close to classes, friends and resources—residence is good value for your money. Really good value. Learn more about costs & fees in Halifax or in Truro.

10. It's fun

There's always something going on. And you don't have to wait to be invited. Movie marathons, charity events, scavenger hunts, ecolympics, soccer games—you name it, they're all part of the experience. Check out programs & activities in Halifax.

11. The connections

Living on campus gets you closer to the action. You'll find it easier to participate in groups and clubs. You'll be more available for academic support and resources. And you'll make stronger personal connections simply because you see these people every day. Your connections will help you grow by introducing you to other cultures and ideas. And later in life, you'll find you can count on those connections for support.