Family members

It may be possible for your family members to come live with you in Canada during the duration of your studies. In most cases, “family” includes spouses, common-law/conjugal partners, and dependent children. If your family members enter Canada without you, they may be admitted on visitor status for up to six months.  Family members most often apply to come initially as visitors. They may need to pass a medical examination in advance.

If you are accompanied by family members while attending Dalhousie you need to ensure your dependents and/or spouse have all the required immigration documents. We recommend all dependents obtain a Visitor Permit (Record) upon entering Canada. This document will allow your dependents and/or spouse to renew their visitor status online.

Parents with children under 19 years of age

If you have children who will be attending pre-school or Grade Primary, they are not required to have a study permit.

Your school-age children (19 years of age or younger) do not require study permits, but study permits, rather than visitor records, can make the immigration process run more smoothly, especially if your child enters Canada without a parent.

You should bring two years of official school records for your children, in English or with a certified English translation.



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