CEGEP admission requirements

As a student in Quebec in the CEGEP program you need to complete at least one year of the Diplôme d'Études Collégiales (DEC) and meet our general admissions requirements. If you do not meet these requirements, you may be eligible for one of our upgrading or pathway programs.

CEGEP equivalent courses for admission are listed in the chart below.

Subject Course (one of)
English 12* English 603
French 601 
Academic Math 12* Math 201-105: Linear Algebra
Math 360-300: Quantitative Methods
Pre-calculus Math 12* Math 201-HSG: Intro to College Math
Math 201-NYA: Calculus I
Math 201-NYB: Calculus II
Math 201-NYC: Linear Algebra
Math 201-103: Calculus I
Math 201-203: Calculus II
Chemistry 12 202-NYA: General Chemistry
202-NYB: Chemistry of Solutions
Physics 12 203-NYA: Mechanics
203-NYB: Electricity and Magentism
203-NYC: Waves, Optics and Modern Physics
Biology 12 101-NYA: Biology I

*Depending on your program of interest you will require Academic English and either Academic Math or Pre-calculus Math.


If you have completed only one year of CEGEP study you may be eligible for entrance award consideration. Visit entrance awards for more information about applying.

University credit for CEGEP

If you have completed more than one year of the DEC you may be eligible to receive university credit towards your program at Dalhousie. For more information and to start the process of receiving transfer credits visit Transfer Applicants


Students with a current offer of admission should contact 902.494.2450 or email Prospective students should contact


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