College & University Applicants

You can apply to many Dalhousie programs as a student with previous or current college or university study. The admission requirements for most degree programs are:

  1. A final grade of at least 70% in Grade 12 English and any other required subjects as per our general entrance requirements. If required subjects have been completed at the college or university level, a minimum grade of C is required. 
  2. A GPA that is competitive for admission to your chosen program. Admission GPA is based on either your most recent full year equivalent (30 credit hours) of study or cumulative GPA, whichever is higher. All GPAs are converted to Dalhousie's GPA scale when calculated for admission.

Please note: Admission to many programs at Dalhousie is competitive; meeting the minimum entrance average does not guarantee admission.

As a college or university applicant you may receive transfer credit for coursework already completed.


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