Part‑time study

Some Public Administration students take the program on a part-time basis and the program makes a special effort to accommodate their needs. In particular, many of our classes are scheduled in the late afternoon or early evening so that they may be accessible to students who work during the day.

Support for part-time students

Part-time study can be highly rewarding, but it can pose special problems. Students who have been away from university for some time often forget their study habits. The pressures of work, family life and study may conflict with one another and Dalhousie’s Student Services is geared primarily to the needs of full-time students. These difficulties are often a source of frustration for the part-time student.

We are aware of the obstacles that the part-time student confronts and are anxious to do what we can to help you overcome them. We recommend that you discuss your study program with the Director or Program Manager at least twice a year, and that you do not hesitate to draw particular problems to their attention. The problems might be resolved more easily than you think.

We suggest that you contact the College of Continuing Education (494-2526), which has special responsibilities for part-time studies, and that you join the Mature Students’ Association by emailing There are a number of short courses designed for individuals who are returning and need to refurbish their study skills. More information about these can be obtained through the Counselling and Psychological Services Centre (494-2081).  

Fee structure and credits

The university’s fee structure and its impact on course access has sometimes created problems for part-time students. Graduate students who pay part-time fees may take up to five credits in an academic year (defined by the Faculty of Graduate Studies to last from 1 September to 31 August).

Students who have completed four classes during the academic year may take a half-credit course during summer school. Students studying part-time have a maximum of six (6) years to complete their programs. Because part-time students are now permitted to take 5 credits per academic year they may finish their program in four or five years instead of the maximum allowed six years. If you have any questions regarding this fee structure, please contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies at 494-2485.