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Preparing you for the public sector and beyond

The public sector is made up of governments and their agencies, from the international level to the local level. It includes other publicly funded bodies, such as hospitals, schools, government corporations (CBC, Canada Post, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, etc.) and many not-for-profit organizations. The MPA degree will prepare you for the realities of working in the public sector, where the internal environment (visioning and goal-setting, decision-making, managing, accountability and conduct) is distinct from the for-profit sector.

Increase versatility: complete a combined degree

Looking to increase your professional options? Dalhousie offers several innovative combined degrees that allow students to explore intersecting fields of study, including:

These combined degrees allow you to complete two degrees in less time, and to build a unique set of skills. Graduates with combined degrees benefit from immersing themselves in two different professions, and the unique set of skills they gain increases their marketability and their job opportunities.