The combined MPA/JD is a four-year program designed for students who intend to practice law but would like to acquire a background in public administration before doing so or for students who are interested in a public service career in departments or agencies where a knowledge of the law is required for career placement and/or advancement.

Admission to this program is determined jointly by the School and the Faculty of Law. Students must satisfy the entrance requirements of both the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the Faculty of Law and they must apply separately to each participating academic unit. Applicants for the MPA may submit the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) score to the School as well as to the Faculty of Law instead of writing the optional Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT).

The normal sequence of study for the combined MPA/JD program is as follows:

Year One

  • Required first year courses in the MPA program. 

Year Two

  • Required first year courses in the JD degree program.

Year Three

  • One full credit elective from the second year of the MPA degree program 
  • Civil Procedure Constitutional Law and
  • Sixteen additional class hours of the JD degree program.

Year Four

  • One full credit of approved electives from the second year of the MPA program* plus
  • A minimum of twenty-three class hours of the JD degree program.

*classes are to be selected in consultation with the Graduate Coordinator. Students can take one-half credit from outside the MPA program course offerings.