MPA Internship/Co‑op Program

The  MPA Internship/Co-op Program is an investment partnership by the Faculty of Management and public sector employers in professional development and future public service leadership. Our Internship program is an approved Government of Canada Co-op program, registered with the Public Service Commission of Canada.

We offer an elective half-credit course for professional development, which includes a public service work term. Employers offer development positions for work terms, and candidates for the MPA compete for these positions. The work terms foster the integration of practical public service experience with the professional education of the MPA program.

The internship enhances both the quality of education and work preparedness of students who participate. It is of benefit to candidates for the MPA and employers.

It is a contribution to the profession of public service and the quality of public services in Canada.

Investing in professional development and future public service leadership.

During the inter-session between the two years of study, students have the opportunity to be employed in the public sector. The Internship Coordinator negotiates the positions and tasks to ensure that interns are taking a step forward in their professional development. Students then compete for the available positions to earn their position.

The program has always been successful in helping students to secure an internship, though a position is not guaranteed. To date, 100% of our students were able to find an internship as part of this program.

The internship is an elective course credit and may be taken upon completion of the core first-year courses.

Benefits of the Internship Program

  • It prepares students for the challenges of merit-based public sector job competitions.
  • It provides students with practical experience.
  • It provides the opportunity to apply much of the knowledge and skills learned in the first year.
  • All internships are paid and help to subsidize a portion of program costs.
MPA student interns get hands-on look at the public sector

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