Why do your MPA at Dal?


The MPA program seeks to equip students with the management skills required by public service organizations and an understanding of the organization, processes and policies of government, its public agencies and the policy groups that work in the public sector. This dual focus is a unique characteristic of the MPA program and makes it highly suited for those interested in a career in the public sector.

It is specifically designed for highly motivated and dedicated individuals interested in pursuing a career in the service of the public, making it possible to realize advanced educational objectives and achieve academic ambitions in public policy and public management.

Possible careers

Policy analyst Program manager
Communications advisor Performance auditor
Evaluation analyst Client service manager
Research and statistical officer Consultant
Operations & policy manager Staffing advisor

Graduates hold various positions in municipal, provincial and federal government, as well as the not-for-profit and private sectors.

CAPPA Accredited

The MPA program is accredited by the Canadian Association of Programs in Public Administration (CAPPA). Accreditation from CAPPA is based on five key student competencies relating to critical thinking, leadership, engagement, ethics and communication.

Length of program

The MPA degree is a two-year full-time course of study; it can also be completed part-time over a maximum of 6 years. A total of 54 credit hours (3 credit hours = 1 course) are needed for completion of the Master of Public Administration program.

    - 30 credit hours from required courses
    - 24 credit hours from graduate level electives


Students who apply for the combined MPA program must meet the admissions standards of both programs.

Plan of study

A. Required Courses

There are ten (10) required courses in the program.

Please see the MPA Courses page for a list of the required classes.

B.  Elective Courses

MPA students choose graduate-level electives to complete their programs. Students may choose any of the Public Administration electives (PUAD classes) listed on the MPA Courses page. They may also take up to three (3) graduate-level courses, or 1.5 credits, outside of these PUAD options if they are approved by the Program Manager.

To have a non-PUAD graduate-level course approved it must be:

  • a 5000/6000 level course, and
  • related to the field of public administration.

Email the MPA Program Manager at dalmpa@dal.ca with the class description, showing that it meets these requirements.

All electives are not offered every semester or academic year. Please see the Academic Timetable for the list of elective classes currently offered.